The Process

tree stump grindingTypically when you contact us, there are a few things we will need to know before we get started on the stump removal process:

  • Your name and address
  • The number of stumps you need to have removed
  • What is planned for the area where the stump is now

Next, we usually set up a time to do a site visit to check accessibility. We then provide you with a written proposal for what services you would like done and what the cost to do it will be.

If the written proposal is accepted, we can then schedule the date and time for work to be completed.

Tree Stump Grinding Site Preparation

Any bulbs, plants that you do not want to be damaged around the stump should be removed prior to grinding. The work area surrounding the stump should be cleared of objects such as landscape bricks, large rocks, debris, patio furniture, etc.

Utility Locates

Is the area free of underground utilities? If the site of work area possibly has underground utilities such as cable, power, phone, water or gas lines, we will need to mark the area and make the necessary arrangements to locate utilities at no cost to you.

There is usually a 48 hour waiting period before work can begin from the time the location arrangements are made (2 full business days). Utilities such as gas and water lines are located to the meter only.

Clean Up

When we grind stumps, you end up with chips and some dirt. The bigger the stump, the more chips, dirt, and/or mulch you will have. We do not haul away the chips, dirt, and/or mulch unless we have been hired to do so. Typically we will fill in the hole where the stump used to be and pile the rest. We rake and blow the work site and leave it looking nice.